All Apes Are Cool. Our Ladies Are Mirable

DAW is a collection of 10,000 Desperate ApeWives NFTs, inspired by the award winning television series “The Desperate Housewives”. Each apewife was inspired by dynamic and influential women from history, cultural icons, fashion trends, and created to each have their own distinct personalities. Whether she’s the Mona Ape, hopeless romantic with heart eyes, or a no-nonsense rocker, each character is unique in their own artistic way. Like Ella Fitzgerald once said ‘anything goes’.


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Each Ape Wife is not only an awesome fine art JPEG, it’s also an exclusive DAW membership card that allows access to members-only benefits which will be revealed over time.


The initial sale has sold out. To get your Desperate Ape Wife NFT, check out our collection on OpenSea.


Each Desperate apewife is unique and algorithmically generated from over 218 traits. All ApeWives are hot but some are supermodels is our tagline. Our ‘Supermodels’ are the top 22 rarest apewives of the collection, carefully selected and curated by the team to represent influential women from history and pop culture.

The apewives are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.



As part of our roadmap development, our vision is to bridge the NFT space with the physical world, one of the many pros is that ownership and commercial usage rights are given to the owner over their NFT.

You want your Desperate Apewife to be the face of your multibillion dollar cosmetics company or fashion brand? Your new public persona? Or perhaps the face of a charitable organization. Go ahead and do it!


We are here for the long run. We have ambitious plans, some of which were never before seen in the NFT space, stay tuned.


GoodDollar is the first 100% non-profit protocol working to bridge the inequality gap by lowering the barriers to enter the digital economy, and promoting financial education for all people, everywhere.

DONE! We donate the GoodDollar rare Desperate Ape Wife icon to the GoodDollar Foundation.

We airdrop 5 hot apewives to random apewives owners.


We go live with the DAW House music in collaboration with International DJ’s.


As part of the breast cancer awareness month of October, we donate the Stay Strong extremely rare Desperate Ape Wife to a breast cancer charity chosen by our community.


The debut of the DAW Dress Code, exclusive merch for DAW membership card holders.


The launch of the DAW Artists collaboration program (already in play).


The Ape Kids Club (NFT Family creation) is officially open. We reveal a new and never before seen cross communities collaboration and partnership.


Roadmap 2.0. DAW Membership Card network, business collaborations and physical world benefits.



The following is a rarity tool which will help you identify (objectively) how hot is your Desperate Ape Wife. Please bear in mind that these are 3rd party tools and every placing of your Ape Wife rarity and value is subjective.


DAW was created by friends who dipped their toes in the NFT space, got hooked and decided to go all in. We are here to ignite an already very flammable space.


OG Traditional Art Market Collector. Planting Expert.


The Creative Outlaw.


Web Master. Heartbreaking Expert.


It started with two friends, an ape, and an idea. Gardener, being heavily involved in the traditional art market, and a serial entrepreneur, brought to the table his business acumen, intense drive, and desire to create not just a project but revolutionize the NFT space. Archer, intensely creative, with a background in business and marketing, and a professional artist and illustrator, brought his unique abilities to view every opportunity as a way to create something that inspires enjoyment and happiness. It was his vision that the collection not only look good, but make people feel good as well. Both founders, completely obsessed with the crypto and the NFT space, saw the possibility to create something incredible and novel in this developing industry and set about to make it happen.

One of the questions they asked themselves was “Where are the ladies?” Although the NFT market has grown and a number of women are successfully carving out a niche, the trend of male dominance has also become more apparent. The two made it their mission to develop the Lady Ape of the Metaverse.

Essential to the mission was recruiting a team of talented women with various skill sets to take on this project. Anna, the leader of the wen dev team, an utter perfectionist and immensely capable in everything she does, was the perfect initial addition to our project. She brought with her the exceptional skills of the four other women on her team and thus the Desperate ApeWives began.

From the characters, to each trait, every element was conceptualized, hand-sketched and original in its own unique way with references to female icons. Archer and Gardener’s wives were an invaluable resource in guiding the creation of every small detail of the traits, contributing their deep knowledge of fashion and culture to the project.

As we move forward in the development and expansion of the Desperate ApeWives, our aim is to continue to foster an exciting and supportive community and pioneer the quickly developing NFT space while delivering unique benefits and experiences to our holders.

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